Industrial Repair Workshop

Industrial Repair Workshop

In our Industrial Repair Workshop we have a range of specialized services dedicated to repair, refurbishment and test of industrial equipment. The industrial equipment we repair is mainly used in Manufacturing operations.

Using Bay’s Reliability Engineering Expertise, Failure Analysis and Test methodologies to support our repair services, we can significantly help prolong equipment life and deliver cost savings by providing a quick turnaround and a robust repaired service in our Industrial Repair Workshop.


Workshop Services

Moulding Machine Toggle Rebuild

We rebuild and assemble the toggle and platen sections of moulding machines which dramatically reduces equipment downtime associated with machine overhaul and hence provides massive cost savings to customers. If units cannot be repaired, we salvage parts that can be re-used again. A sample of the equipment we service include Fanuc, Netstal, Sumitomo Demag, Engel & Arburg.


Water/Mould Temperature Control Repair

Bay services, repairs and tests Thermo-regularors & Temperature Controllers that are mainly used in Injection Moulding. Bay’s process prolongs the lifespan of these units. Bay utilizes OEM’s parts and conduct rigorous product testing to verify functionality of all equipment prior to returning it to our customers. We are familiar with Regloplas, Piovan, Tool-Temp, Moretto, HB-Therm temperature control units.

Water Chiller Repair

We service & repair Process cooling system products such as Water Chillers. The maintenance service that Bay conducts on Water Chillers significantly increases equipment life. These Water Chillers are mainly used in Moulding applications. Bay uses reliability engineering expertise to fault find and then repair units. This process of outsourcing local maintenance to Bay provides significant cost savings to customers. We are familiar with Frigel, Reglochill, Moretto, ICS Cool Energy, Aquatech & Greenbox chillers.

Water Cooling Tower Repair

We service and test Water Cooling towers. The components such as the Heat exchanger and Water Pump are maintained through inspection, cleaning and servicing. Other fittings and valves are inspected and tested.

Water Pump Repair

Using our mechanical-electrical expertise, we rework and test a large variety of water pumps including centrifugal, lobe, scroll, vane, gear and diaphragm. We repair numerous brands but are most familiar with brands such as Hilge, Grundfos, Ebarra & Speck.

Pad Printing Repair

Bay services & repairs components of Pad Printing machines. The mechanical components are visually inspected and replaced if necessary. Bay is familiar with Tampoprint pad printer repair & maintenance.

Electric Motor Repair

We test and repair a wide variety of electric motors. Our technicians will assess a motor once received and measure the integrity of the motor windings and inspect the condition of the rotor.


Plastics Grinder Overhaul

We repair and overhaul a selection of plastic grinder machines and granulators. This involves a complete disassembly and cleaning of the component parts, inspection and replacement of any damaged parts, overhaul of drive motors and gearboxes, replacement of all bearings and seals, reassembly and testing of the units prior to return to the customer site. Bay is familiar with Moditec and numerous other brands.

Volumetric Feeder Repair

We repair and overhaul volumetric feeder and auger systems which are widely used across multiple industries for the supply of controlled quantities of bulk materials. Our technicians will disassemble and clean the feeder / auger system, replace or repair any worn or damaged parts and reassemble and test the unit. Bay is familiar with Tecweigh, Scheugenflug and numerous other brands.

Industrial Blower Repair

We repair a large variety of industrial blowers and fan systems ranging from small impeller fans to centrifugal, air blowers and side channel blowers. Bay is familiar with numerous brands such as Transairvac, Secomak, Gast, Busch & Becker

Valve & Actuator Repair

Our technicians repair multiple different types of valves ranging from small solenoid valves, to large steam safety valves. We also repair a variety of pneumatic actuators for our customers.

Gearbox & Parts Indexer Repair

We repair and overhaul a variety of different gearboxes ranging from small direct drive gearboxes for servo and stepper motor drives to large reduction gearboxes for conveyors and drive systems. We also overhaul parts indexers and gear reducers.


Industrial Cleaning

Removal of contaminants from components using a range of methods such as Ultrasonic Cleaning, Biological Cleaning, Pressure/Steam Cleaning.


  • Pneumatic cylinders, valves and air motors
  • Conveyors, rollers and drive systems Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)



"Our company have been working with Bay Enterprises for more than 15 years. Now as one of our trusted suppliers and partners they have developed the knowledge and understanding of our business to identify problems independently. They also have the capabilities to develop solutions and execute and implement them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bay Enterprises as a partner to any other business"

Senior Manager at a Leading Medical Device Manufacturer based in Limerick

"We have worked with Bay Enterprises on a variety of maintenance projects over the past 6 years. We have always found them to be very flexible when called upon, often providing us with fast turn around and solutions for parts critical to our business. It is a great advantage to us here in Boston Scientific to have such a competent service provider which is locally available."

Boston Scientific

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