Vacuum Pump Servicing Ireland

Vacuum Pump Servicing Ireland

Bay Enterprises has over 15 years experience in servicing and overhauling a wide range of vacuum pumps for different industries.

Covering a wide range of different Vacuum Pump manufacturers, Bay has built up the expertise on numerous different Dry Vacuum pumps as well as the standard Oil Injected pumps in industries such as Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Dairy and many more.

Motor Bearings

Vacuum Pump Service Range

Bay Enterprises has serviced a large volume of Vacuum pumps across Ireland covering a wide range of different brands such as Busch, Becker, Edwards, Leybold, Elmo Rietschle, Nash, Sihi Flowserve, Gardner Denver, Alcatel Adixen, Pfeiffer, Gast, Transairvac & Stokes.

Range of Vacuum Products:

  • Oil Injected Vane Vacuum Pump (Rough Vacuum)
  • Dry Claw Vacuum Pump
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
  • Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump
  • 2 Stage Oil Injected Vane Vacuum Pump (Medium Vacuum)
  • Booster/ Roots Pump
  • Side Channel Blower Pump

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