Industry 4.0 Vacuum Controller

Industry 4.0 Vacuum Controller

Atlas Copco is at the fore front of leading edge technology. The HEX controller is the next-generation vacuum controller.

Atlas Copco's HEX@ is the new evolution in vacuum control. Designed with customer empowerment in mind, you can configure your interface, receive the information required and adjust your vacuum system to your own needs. Providing insights and recommendations based on live and historic data.

Industry 4.0 Technology

HEX@ Features:

KPI's for process optimization: Vacuum Uptime, vacuum performance, pump health

  • Insight Cards: Reductions in energy consumption, increasing service intervals, increasing the lifetime of your pump, reducing downtime
  • Intelligent Scheduling: Ensure that no pump actions interrupt your process - safegaurd production.
  • Notifications & Alerts: Can be configured to appear on pump, web user interface, via email notifications with a Genius subscription.


HEX@ Controller Brochure



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