BAY is constantly anticipating our customer’s needs and to this end has extended its technical brief and now offers a calibration service to our customers. By introducing this in-house calibration facility for our industry partners we can reduce product turn around times by eliminating outward and inward calibration at the customer site.

Technical personnel are trained to the required skill level in order to support this internally and as a value add to our existing customer base externally.

Our calibration capability covers a range of temperature and pressure/vacuum sensing devices using recently purchased Ametek state-of-the-art portable measuring equipment. Temperature calibration will cover RTD’s, thermocouples, thermoswitches, thermistors and other devices (33 to 320 deg. C). Pressure/vacuum calibration ranges are (0 to 10 bar) and (-1000 mBar) respectively.

Please contact us if you feel you may have a requirement to use this facility or would like to learn more.