Blower/ Air End Overhaul Ireland

Blowers & Air Compressors are used in a wide range of Industries and Applications across Ireland such as Water & Wastewater Treatment, Pneumatic Conveying, Food Processing and many more.

Bay Enterprises has extensive experience servicing and overhauling bare shaft Blowers/ Air Ends of Air Compressors. Our blower repair service offers you a complete overhaul, as well as a regular or premium maintenance for your blower.

Bay’s service engineers can call onsite for a service which may involve changing of belts, gear oil and filter elements.
Or client’s can ship us the bare shaft/ Air End for a complete overhaul of seals, bearings, piston rings, etc.

Bay is familiar with Lobe, Screw & Centrifugal type Blowers / Air Compressor Air Ends. The Lobe Blower works off the Roots Blower principle where 2 lobes are ran by timing gears and turn in opposite direction.

Bay Enterprises can service the following Blower Brands
• Aerzen
• Holmes
• Dresser
• Robuschi
• Baratti
• Hick Hargreaves
• Hadron
• Kaeser
• Pedro Gil

Bare Shaft/ Air End Overhauls

Please reach out to for more information on any Blower service enquiries.

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