Vacuum Pump Energy Audit Ireland

Vacuum Pumps are used in a wide range of different industries across the world.

The best way to find out possible energy savings from your Vacuum system is to carry out an energy audit which involves the use of an iiTrak data logger and PLogger pressure sensor.

The iiTrak is placed around 1 of the 3 phases which measures the power consumption.
The PLogger is a fitting placed close to the vacuum pump inlet to measure the vacuum pressure over a period of time.

The iiTrak and PLogger offers a simple three-step process to analyse and identify the saving potentials of your installation.

The iiTrak and PLogger is the first step in a simple energy audit, which measures the efficiency and working vacuum pressure of your existing vacuum system. Combined with your specific future requirements, this data allows us to understand electricity behaviour and improve your energy efficiency.

This simulation uses your installed system as a reference and proposes a system most suited for your current and future vacuum demand. The result is a complete report that makes it very easy to analyze the potential payback on possible future investments.

We will advise the best fit solution for your vacuum system, sometimes we can offer a piece of mind that your system is energy efficient or select an energy-efficient vacuum system that matches your vacuum supply needs based on your specific profile and the results of the data analysis.

Energy Audit Equipment in Use

Please reach out to for more information on any vacuum energy audit enquiries.

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