Benefits of Vacuum Pump Overhaul & Service

Vacuum Pumps are used in a different range of industries across many applications. Below are some reasons why companies should consider Vacuum Pump Overhauls & Servicing on a more regular basis. Scheduled maintenance can ensure less unplanned downtime for companies. This ensures manufacturing is optimized for the customer. Bay Enterprises sprinter van can ensure a quick pick up and inspection of equipment.

1. Cost Saving Exercise
Vacuum Pumps can be expensive to buy new. Bay Enterprises can fully rebuild vacuum pumps so they are the equivalent of a new vacuum pump. Having the right maintenance plan and structure is crucial so that vacuum pumps are pulled out for rebuilds before completely failing. Vacuum Pumps that are run to fail tend to cost more to rebuild once they fail. When pumps fail, there can be a number of components damaged that mightn’t be apart of a standard repair kit. Hence, it is crucial to try and catch the vacuum pump before it fails completely. Otherwise, the repair cost can increase significantly depending on the component damage.

2. Remove unplanned downtime
Having a good maintenance plan and schedule in place is crucial for any manufacturing company. A whole production line/ process stopping due to a vacuum pump can cause many headaches for companies. Depending on the company and the vacuum pump type, companies could purchase an extra vacuum pump to have as a spare and they can then send out their vacuum pump for overhaul and production won’t be affected other than the change out time. Bay can offer a rental scheme for certain vacuum pumps so that they can provide a good vacuum pump to a customer so that production isn’t affected.

3. Improve Vacuum Pump performance
In a lot of applications, vacuum pumps must reach a required vacuum pressure so that performance and manufacturing is optimized. A large number of Vacuum Pumps including Oil Sealed Rotary Vane pumps contain Oil, Exhaust Filters & Oil Mist filters. Regular checks of the Oil level and the colour of the Oil is crucial for a vacuum pump performance. If the Oil is discoloured/ brown, it is a sign that the Vacuum Pump is overheating and the Oil needs to be changed out. When changing out the Oil, both sets of filters should be changed out also.
In other vacuum pumps such as Dry Rotary Vane Pumps, if the unit isn’t reaching the required vacuum or is very noisy then the pump would need to be fully disassembled so that bearings, filter and vanes can be changed out.

If you require any support on your vacuum pump service requirements, then please reach out to to find out more.

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